Текст песни Gucci Mane - Street Niggas

Hard To Kill
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Southern Rap / Trap
Исполнитель: Gucci Mane
Альбом: Hard To Kill
Длительность: 04:43
Рейтинг: 1487
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Загрузил: iLLegal MuZic


I'm a street nigga, dog, everybody knows that So a hater get smashed, bond money on deck Gave my dog half a brick for a '73 donk Got that bullfrog yay, cause I know it's gon' jump I'm a real street nigga, do you understand me? I'm a walking bankroll, breezy, rubber-band me Red Monkeys on my ass, Gucci frames on my face Got that "Tony Tiger Kush," man, pimpin' smoke great Every time my phone ring, dog, it's eighteen-five Only problem that I have is what car I'm gon' drive Im a real street nigga, I ain't never had shit Man, this chain 'round my neck cost four or five bricks I'm a street nigga, dog, I don't love no bitch I ain't talkin' to you, baby, 'less you buyin' ten bricks Bought an '06 Lamb' with the butterfly doors That's a quarter-million dollars gone, just to pull hoes (Chorus) I'm a street nigga, dog I'm a street nigga, dog You a street nigga, just like me I'm a street nigga, dog I'm a street nigga, dog No industry, I'm in these streets Im a street nigga, dog, hoes love my swag And the Jacob on my wrist, that's a drop-top Jag Bought a drop-top Vette, and a super-bad bitch "How much you think you worth?" 'Bout 95 bricks Way back in '94, it was 95 cents Now I'm 95 south, with an R&B bitch Every time I leave the house, bring at least ten grips Cause it's two or three stacks just to park my whips Got a small amount of niggas, but a large amount of clips And a blue Bent' Coupe same color as the Crips Mean mug on my face, nigga, ain't nothin funny 60 grand on the Jacob, nigga, time costs money Got a quarter million plate, that's eighteen blocks When the cops try to whip me, man, I ain't gon' stop Im a real street nigga, dog, I ain't gon' lie Bought a pound of Bubba Kush, just to get the clique high (Chorus) I'm a street nigga, dog, so I love my whip Car-jack a street nigga, that's how niggas get killed Im a street nigga, dog, so I love my block Paid a junkie three grand just to wash my drop Street niggas love me, and I love street niggas Got an out of town trap, come twice a week, nigga Im an East Atlanta vet, man, I ain't done yet Bitches standin' in line just to wipe my sweat If you make a good count,then you under good check Never beef with street niggas, dog, that's ya best bet Street niggas make a college bitch's panties so wet To a project bitch, I'm the best it's gon' get Street nigga of the year, dog, yeah, that's me Just to see my wrist twirl, man, it's eighteen G's Gucci eatin' real good, dog, what about you? Im a street nigga, dog, you a street nigga too? (Chorus)
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