Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Betta Stay Up In Your House (feat. Rah Digga)

Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Альбом: Genesis
Длительность: 03:18
Рейтинг: 2445
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Загрузил: DeL


Текст: [Busta Rhymes] Yea, I know it's kinda cold outside Bring your nasty ass inside ("Eddie you should know better" - [C Mayfield]) Play yourself a dark corner motherfucker, yea ("Brother, you know you're wrong" - [C Mayfield]) Come on, can't stop, won't stop, rockin' for you niggas 'Cause I rep the street and Johnnie Cochran for you niggas And I, got a state gun cockin' for you niggas (twenty-one) legal (gun) shots [Rah Digga] Poppin' for you niggas And I, blow tones, more force than cyclones Shit is on everytime I catch a Ron Jones Thug bitch, rock boots and hoops with rhinestones (Got the) key (to the) city and (run the crime zone) [Busta Rhymes] Now come on, take something, shake something, break something Stop, close your shop, you niggas ain't sayin' nothin' Niggas be frontin' and knowin' they ain't really weighin' nothin' Betta (stop) 'fore we (pop) and really (get to sprayin' something) [Busta] Flood it up [Digga] Whip it up [Busta] Smoke it up [Digga] Blooded up, Niggas straight tryin' to brake, I tell 'em shut it up, I spit the ill for real, ain't nothin' buttered up, (Flipmode) doin' it (everybody) love it up [Chorus] East coast, what up? West coast, what up? Midwest, what up? Dirty South, what up? All my chickenheads, put it in your mouth, It's Flipmode, better stay up in your house All my thugs, what up? Thug bitches, what up? Street niggas, what up? Stack riches, no doubt We got the block locked take another route, It's Flipmode, better stay up in your house My niggas HOOK [Rah Digga] Dirtiest, wordiest, Jersey it's wetter than a mile I stalk like pedophiles, no body get's saved when I bless the child Gettin' (eight) like (snapper) you too fessed to vow [Busta] Hold up [Digga] Run on [Busta] Get up [Digga] Come on [Busta Rhymes] Ahhooo! And put every single nigga where I'm from on (Bitches) all in the (spot) go head (and get your) fun on (Niggas keepin' it) movin' (go head) and get your (thug on) [Rah Digga] (What on) earth possesed y'all to try a lil' (drunk) lil' (high) Big heads in the sky make (niggas) straight (cry) Without Mo' and Dry, take it down (homeboy) got bigger fish to fry Fuck that (Other nigga) Rush that (sucker nigga) [Busta Rhymes] Niggas love the way we sound up on another Digga (Hot D) but I got another younger brother bigger (Digga) pass me the Henny so I can take another swigger [Chorus] [Rah Digga] Switch it up like Ak-Nel Why you hit a dry spell, Cats like you get no reply on the Skytel (Hate y'all) Raps like Eminem hate Britney (Bonafide) MC (Who) fuckin' with me? [Busta Rhymes] Top niggas better give props nigga ('Fore you get dropped) fuck around and get your shit popped nigga, Flip-flop niggas, you could (really get your shit mopped) Or left to lay up in a pit stop nigga [Digga] Spillin' it [Busta] Feelin' it [Digga] Killin' it [Busta] Come on! [Rah Digga] The hardest MC don't want flex no more (Make it hot) everytime I rock, rest assured Shit'll have that (who could rock) the raw best award, nigga [Busta] Look it up [Digga] Cook it up [Busta] Shook it up [Digga] Book it up [Busta Rhymes] When we (rock) you shouldn't watch (promoters) nook it up (Raise the level a little) you know (my niggas) took it up (In and outta big) figgas while me and (Digga) cook it up [Chorus]
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