2Pac - World Wide Dime Piece

One nation
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: One nation
Длительность: 04:54
Размер: 6,73 Мб
Рейтинг: 839
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Arronaks
192 Кб/с

2Pac - World Wide Dime Piece

Текст песни "2Pac - World Wide Dime Piece"

[Open Skit: Some Woman talking] Shit! Ain't nothing wrong with fucking with a nigga from the east coast (Coughing) Ain't nothing wrong with getting a little piece of the east (No Doubt!) You know I stayed on the West Coast and I'm the queen with the most UMM, I fuck with the East Coast nigga and that's for damn sure [Guy] Hey, hey baby I'm from the east and I recognize shit I'm from the east And you know and I just got a call from my man Pac And we were talking about how we like to toss them up How we like our bitches you know? (Mm, hmm) So uh I mean, so I loooove me some Cali' pussy [Woman] Alright nigga you don't know nothing about Cali pussy though (Yeah yeah) You couldn't possibly know nothing bout this west shit right her [Verse One: Greg Nice] Ugh ugh ugh ugh (shit check it out) Yo, money don't grow on trees Everybody talking about they're moving Ki's Probably, they're getting dirt on their knees No time for bull or crap, I got to get these Soon as I step my feet up in the jam Eye balls on me wanna know who I am Fail to realize I'm the same man Made it funky for you, with the pure blim blam A jelly fish, uh, you know I can't stand Hung out with my crew, Jerked more than a grand Fronting ass nigga ain't nothing but a fan I know we can make it, yes we can can, Greg N-I-C-E Game player get dough and buy land Expand and help my brother man Check me out y'all, ah check me out y'all Ah check me out, ah Check me out, ah check me out y'all y'all [Verse Two: Capitol L.S.] Let me lick you up (Word is bond) Let me lick you down (Behind the fat bushes) Come on baby, let me lick you all around What do you do? when the pussy leaves you stranded? Nine times out of ten I escape like the bandit I took this slanted dime bitch for granted I couldn't understand it the ass broke out like mass transit I was with it cushy, was with the freaky deeky The dickey dickey equivalent to the dickey dickey My mushy pushy was all up inside your cushy pussy (Alright) Aiyyo yo, you make sure she gushy gushy Without a doubt, yo I'll be all on top of that My dick stays strapped, with a top hat I peeked your nipples, protruding through your negligee And hey you say we can do this shit here everyday Lets works this out like Jane Fonda Over turkey Lasagne, or we can take this to the back of the Honda You need to feel warm nut on your breasts Ain't nothing fucking with them bitches from the west [Verse Three: Tupac] Eternally thug nigga, heal figure, made by Tommy So when I speak hope to reach my bi-unique mammies Or come to poppy, I love it when it's wet and sloppy In and out the mouth piece until I cum no one can stop me My bump and grind will do you every time Come get a blast of this thug passion, it'll blow your mind Hey, throw up your legs, wrap them shits around my back It's a West Side thing, fucking whores around the map Walking down 125 while I'm peeping out hotties And they.. seduce my jimmy I'll be screaming give me body Make them all scream my name out, give me my props and don't you Love how this thug nigga beat up the cock I'm at the weekend parade, I'm watching caramel bitches play Get with real niggaz, bullshit will never get you paid This is the dream of a young black teen I fiend for whores across country like a dirty crack fiend Now come on
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