Gucci Mane - Trap House

Trap House
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Жанр: Trap
Исполнитель: Gucci Mane
Альбом: Trap House
Длительность: 04:20
Размер: 9,99 Мб
Рейтинг: 3408
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Rikoshet3
320 Кб/с

Gucci Mane - Trap House

Текст песни "Gucci Mane - Trap House"

In the Trap house, In The Trap House, In The Trap House Gucci Mane Check It [Hook] Choppa on the floor pistol on the coach Hood rich so I never had a bank account Junkies going in junkies going out Made a hundred tho(usand) In My Trap House Money kinda short but we can work it out Made a hundred tho(usand) In My Trap House Bricks going in, Bricks going out Made a hundred tho(usand) In My Trap House I'm tired of selling bricks I wanna go legit I wonder can I sell 11 mill like 50 Cent Cause platinum ain't enough I got too many vices I love to smoke weed love to shoot dices Say my life style extravagant I talk cash shit Bitches say I'm arrogant well god damn Gucci cockie then But at the same time young hoes be jocking slim Gucci ain't shit, Bitch I beg your pardon I'm independent but I'm balling like a major artist I stay high like giraffe pussy In My Trap House Smokin' rubber cushie [Hook] Jumped out the whip everybody looking Big clouds of smoke but ain't nobody cooking (females)(Girl their go Gucci Mane I want his autograph 'cause I'm his biggest fan) Yellow hummvie with the yellow feet Yellow diamonds the same color as yellow cheese And I'm smoking on that purple shit They call me temp service 'cause I'll work a bitch Money long like Shaq feet Running dough like a sprinter at a track meet I heard he got that soft white Extended clips make them busters get they mind right [Hook] In my trap house watchin Sports Center In the kitchen cooking but I ain't cooking dinner Splash it with the water whip it make it harder 17 for 'em the same number as Qunice Carter Say I'm working with wit a mill or better Married to the game me and ????? live together Street smart niggah never listen to the teacher You can catch me in the bathroom smoking reefer Prices low like Wal*Mart Bricks on I-9 get ya shopping cart Knee deep in the dope game I'm not a farmer but I'm known to push them collard greens [Hook]
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