Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status and Benni G Remix)

Need For Speed ProStreet - OST
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Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Plan B
Альбом: Need For Speed ProStreet - OST
Длительность: 06:19
Размер: 14,56 Мб
Рейтинг: 37525
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Netan-X
320 Кб/с

Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status and Benni G Remix)

Текст песни "Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status and Benni G Remix)"

I'll stab you in the eye, yo, With a fucking biro The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, You fucking wino Don't fucking cross my line, yo, I'll hit you so hard your arse will hit the floor in Cairo. I know How to take your life and make you die, yo, so watch your fucking step and where you place your fucking eyes bro. I fight loads, Heavy though I look like a light load, I bite bro. I wont sink my teeth into you twice but thrice, bro It ain't nice, bro like when you got lice bro. I'm ice cold, like a mother fucking ice pole. Don't make me tell you twice bro. Live-o, I'm live-o, Sideshow, I'm phsyco Bad, but not in the same way as Michael I'm archetypal Shameless like that guy from Grand Disciple's. Hi all. My names Ben like Nigel. I'm sick enough to start Shit and hit hard like I spit bars pick up a dart and stab you in your eyeball. When I ride mics I ride them on my lonesome, The best thing since sliced bread my lyrics them are wholesome. I don't need no-one else when I rap Taking up room on my track, if they ain't good to me. That's no good to me, I don't no need nobody. (That's no good to me.) Don't need no-one That's no good to me. That's no good to me, I don't no need nobody. (That's no good to me.) Don't need no-one That's no good to me. I'll never stop rhyming, like I aint the silent type. I'm the violent type With a vicious bite like Iron Mike's. Fuck the Isle of Wight - could never live the quiet life, I'm too used to drunken nights that end in fights and ultraviolet lights. So pass me a glass of ice and fill it up with liquor, Make sure you make it a double so I get drunk quicker. Only drink spirits, don't give a fuck about my liver; The only reason I don't drink pints is 'cause I'm trying to watch my figure. I'm an angry little man with a Plan who just don't give a damn, pissed at God 'cause he won't make my dick bigger. Am I real or am I just a thick wigger? Fuck what you think, I'll still smoke you like a cigger'. Watch cats cotch back, cock back, pull the trigger, Trigger, Pow! I'm too sick to give a Shit about mans who want to see me down and out man. I'm stirring up bare shit without a doubt man. I'm representing rap like it's supposed to be: Spit bars so harsh you can't cope with me. That's how its supposed to be. You can't cope with B. That's no good to me, I don't no need nobody. (That's no good to me.) Don't need no-one That's no good to me. That's no good to me, I don't no need nobody. (That's no good to me.) Don't need no-one That's no good to me. (That's no good to me.) I'm real sick of hearing these pricks talk shit, just 'cause they roll with a clique, think they won't get their throats slit. I make blood drip, Every lyric I spit Leaving MCs deader than the skin on my dick. (Oh shit!) That's why I laugh when they start talking out their arse bout how this phase will pass: quote 'Plan B will never last.' That's why I chuckle when they get signed then they buckle, 'cause they cant take the pressure never the less I still laugh. Believe I ain't no quitter, nor would I be bitter if my label dropped me I'd just go on sicker, change my name to Kunt With a capital K, like kids today I'll just spray abuse in your fucking face like a fat kid who's had no lunch. Throw a punch, make your nose crunch and your lip bust so blood shines off your lips boss, like you were wearing lip glos. I shit not. I'm a one man clan, one man band, just gi'mme one mic and one mic stand, one guitar for me to strum with my right hand. The same right hand that'll pick up a knife and st
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