Fractal Immersion (2017)

Fractal Immersion

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Жанр: Psytrance
Исполнитель: High Contrast , Iron Lotus
Дата релиза: 2017
Лейбл: Нет данных
Тип: EP
Загрузил: carisha
Добавлено: 30.01.2018
We at Fractal Records are proud to come back with another top production from South Africa. Contrast is a impressive new talent who have already some successfull releases on various label but with this one your reality will never be the same again. Contrast new sound is just pure magic. It will be difficult for you to choose a favorite track in this 5 piece of perfection ! Also take care about this wonderfull collaboration with only one Iron Lotus ... Be stong because you will be deeply addicted!

Release Date: 2017-10-11
Label: Fractal Records
Catalog# FREP032

Песни в альбоме
Fractal Immersion (2017)

08:03 | 320 Кб/с
18,48 Мб
High Contrast

Mind Control

07:14 | 320 Кб/с
16,58 Мб
High Contrast feat. Iron Lotus


07:40 | 320 Кб/с
17,59 Мб
High Contrast


06:37 | 320 Кб/с
15,19 Мб
High Contrast

Light Saber

07:40 | 320 Кб/с
17,6 Мб
High Contrast

Space Ship

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