Текст песни Greta Van Fleet - Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

Anthem Of The Peaceful Army
Жанр: Classic Rock / Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Greta Van Fleet
Альбом: Anthem Of The Peaceful Army
Длительность: 06:01
Рейтинг: 4719
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Загрузил: мурлоня


LOVER, LEAVER (TAKER, BELIEVER) Oh, my Holy Lord Sets my soul on fire, Flames of love and sweet perfume - She's my heart's desire. She's an angel straight from Hell Draws me to the deep, In the darkness way below It's my heart she'll keep Yeah... Thunder underground, Watch the castle fall. Sound of wind it takes the sky And winter takes us all. Mountain high against the sky Watches as we pray. Laughing loud and smiling proud - This is where we lay. Lover Leaver Taker Believer. Oh God, Hellfire Witch of Endor raised, Saul would fall to his knees, Watch the fire blaze. Satan plays his flute for him, The sound it burns his ears, Watches as the peace of man Slips and disappears. Lover Leaver Taker Believer Believer...
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