Текст песни Krizz Kaliko - Freaks (Feat. Tech N9ne)

Shock Treatment
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Krizz Kaliko
Альбом: Shock Treatment
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 410
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Загрузил: bo4ugova


Freaky freaky freaky people Freaky freaky freaky people Freaky freaky freaky people Freaky freaky freaky people [Chorus:] Those freaks Look at their hair Look what they wear Everyone stares (Look at me!) Look at those freaks Look at their clothes Everyone knows It's a whore show [Krizz Kaliko:] I never fit in with the in crowd So me and myself, we play penpals (WOW) And when I got older I freaked out The crazyness, startin' to leak out (NOW) And when I met this crazy dude He told me eatin' MC's was his favourite food He had me really whiled out Tryin' to dye my hair Yo I'm already funny lookin', give them a reason to stare But juggalo's and juggalette's, again We take a note for when ya left, discend And that's supposed to play my mec, this in Cause if I don't, then I'm a check, ya chil-lin Somebody take the top of my thinker I'm mergin' in your lane and I ain't usin' a blinker Cause I get the people off their seats On they feet, they see freaks [Chorus] [Tech N9ne:] I don't, have Nothin' in common with the rappers, past Because I never went to gym right after, class I never liked sports Or any sort of events on the court, I abort Immediately, They label me conceded Really I just needed to be Free to be leaded my leader Preceded to read it Superceded to greet it my creet it Beat it, defeat it People heat it, they can eat it for me I think different, I just have to do me With the painted face Go ahead and laugh but you'll see Got the woman that you never get act so loosely Round the Nina baby Ready to sass seduce me They don't really care I read up on Manson Son of Sam, they answerin' For a killer Kansion Freaky dreams of tamprun, with a sexy van But a booty like Allena Hansen, Dancin' [Chorus] [Krizz Kaliko:] Now look at Tech N9ne with his painted up, Painted up face Blame it on him, and it ain't a disgrace Look at how they wear their hair spiked up In a crowd mosh pit, setting way turned up The songs, it's all about drinkin' and sex What you expect? Do you even think about the effects Of the kids that's lookin' up to ya It's up to ya We take our middle finger and turn it up to ya Cause we tattoo everything, and pierce everything We drink every day, and smoke ever green Generation X We put the rap in the sub burst Punk rock in the projects The snake in the back is back And if ya hate, better wait Better play the back Cause they scream from the nosebleed seeds On the feet, the meet to see freaks [Chorus] Now freaky people clap your hands like this Freaky people clap your hands like that Now everybody clap your hands like this Everybody clap your hands from big Pruis [Chorus]
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