Текст песни C.C. Catch - Wild Fire

Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel
Жанр: Pop / Disco
Исполнитель: C.C. Catch
Альбом: Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel
Длительность: 03:37
Рейтинг: 21724
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: yakk


I'm a stranger here You have no heart of stone I'm feeling so alone I know what hell is Reach out - I'll be there Long as the rose is red Oh do not make me sad - in the mystic light Don't lose my number, hey I'll bet we hope again Oh, baby we hold the key Oh baby, come what may I get no guaranties Wild fire - is the name for love Wild fire - how can I get enough ? Do anything you wanna do Nights are forever without you Wild fire - I'm been born again Wild fire - come and be my friend Do anything you wanna do Nothing can take the place of you On the wings of love Good love can never die My hope is still alive Oh, I hate this lies Like a flame of love I know, babe, what to do 'Cause I'm missing you - in the mystic light Don't treat me like a child - I'm almost lost my mind Time, babe, is on my side It's a loving kind
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