Текст песни Annie Lennox - Precious

Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Annie Lennox
Альбом: Diva
Длительность: 05:08
Рейтинг: 5310
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: TRAMP


Annie Lennox - Precious Precious little angel Take a look at what you've done Well I thought my time was over But it's only just begun Precious little angel You're my own sweet turtle dove Won't you stay with us for ever In a bundle full of love I was lost until you came Precious little angel Won't you spread your light on me I was locked up in the darkness Now you've come to set me free I was covered up with sadness I was drowned in my own tears I've been cynical and twisted I've been bitter all these years I was lost until you came I was lost until you came And wouldn't I run a thousand miles To be with you And wouldn't I run a thousand miles To be with you Precious little angel Tell me how can it be true That such a gift from heaven Has been sent for me and you Precious little angel Don't you worry don't you cry When this bad old world has crumbled I'll be standing at your side I was lost until you came
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