Текст песни Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Trilogy

Жанр: Classic Rock / Progressive Rock / Art Rock
Исполнитель: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Альбом: Trilogy
Длительность: 08:54
Рейтинг: 4429
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Загрузил: prutOK


I've tried to mend The love that ended Long ago although we still pretend Our love is surely coming to an end Don't waste the time you've got to love again We tried to lie But you and I Know better than to let each other lie The thought of lying to you makes me cry Counting up the time that's passed us by I've sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand And if it does I hope that you will understand That I must leave in a while And though I smile You know the smile is only there to hide What I'm really feeling deep inside Just a face where I can hang my pride Goodbye... Goodbye... We'll talk of places that we went And times that we have spent Together penniless and free You'll see the day another way And they could put the sunshine for a nighttime where you lay You're love began I don't know when But if you do I know that you'll be happy in the end
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