Текст песни Art Of Dying - You Don't Know Me

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage - OST
Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Art Of Dying
Альбом: Flatout: Ultimate Carnage - OST
Длительность: 03:12
Рейтинг: 22808
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Загрузил: Yuzi


You think you know me? Got me figured out? Your casting shadows Casting doubts You think you know me? You think I care? You should spend some time (sometime) with the person in the mirror I'm a fist, I'm afraid, I'm a link in the chain I'm the worst of the best, but I'm in this race You don't know me.. I'm a knife, I'm a rope, I'm a bitter pill I'm a tooth on the cog that you built to spill You don't know me.. I'm not defined by what you think I am I won't fall into your predetermined plan I like diamonds without the shine If you never take the time, you never know what you won't find I'm a crow, I'm the most with the least to gain I'm a fading Mona Lisa in a plywood frame You don't know me.. I'm a ring on a tree in a life that fell What I did I done good and what I done I did well You don't know me.. Do you think you know.. Think you know.. Hate is a river flowing with money and greed Drawing borders Lines on a map we don't need I'm a wall, I'm a fence, I'm a dotted line I'm the land you kill for in the name of your kind You don't know me.. I'm a storm, I'm a sign, I'm a bleeding heart I'm the time that got away It's already gone You don't know me..
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