Текст песни My Dying Bride - Apocalypse Woman

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Жанр: Doom Metal
Исполнитель: My Dying Bride
Альбом: 34.788%... Complete
Длительность: 07:38
Рейтинг: 1804
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Загрузил: MihaNic


I am a victim of his endless faith He is a killer She gives suffering She is a walking tall saint I am your stalking cruel fate He licks the face of your god for nothing He's coming closer She shows no fear But she will seduce him She gives suffering I am a hopeless witness He is the falling worlds tears He knows the way to our heartland She's coming Through my short life I've been given no reasons I've looked but all I found was treason I've become lifeless so I'm taking you with me Why should I suffer for gods own misery Kindness is always going to evade me Ill will is all I want you to see Life is a war that you must win outright Leave nothing standing in a show of your might Draw upon him my sighing breath And I will love him to my wicked death There is a song they sing her A sad war like murmur She leaves the crying with nothing Then takes that too Now I'm a killer, and I have no faith You are the victim as I come for you We're all the same little losers But we fight like hell So come on, drop your guard now I'm coming through
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