Текст песни Annihilator - 21

King Of The Kill
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Annihilator
Альбом: King Of The Kill
Длительность: 04:23
Рейтинг: 2756
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Загрузил: Lecho


6. 21 Welcome to the hothouse, the game is called 21 I was in debt right up to my neck, I wasn't having any fun but then the dealer turned around, she looked me right in the eye I got no time for messing around, but you know I had to give it a try she got me under the gun - she can't have 21 she asked me why I wasn't taking my time, sweat running down my neck I had the 6, the lady got 9 from the bottom of the deck a 4 for me, it was a good thing, but she was sitting on a face I said hit me with your best shot and she gave me the ace she got me under the gun - she can't have 21 I've got to be the chosen one - she can't have 21 I've gotta win, I've gotta win or I might as well be dead God let me win, just let me win, or I might as well be dead Deuce's up, dealer has 21
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