Текст песни Mobb Deep - Party Over (feat. Big Noyd)

The Infamous
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: The Infamous
Длительность: 05:41
Рейтинг: 3969
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Загрузил: NeoNY


[Intro/Chorus:] Whatever? Party's over tell the rest of the crew Yo P, it's on you, what you wanna do? [repeat x3] [Verse 1: Prodigy, Havoc] Every day of my life since 11-2-74 on the street makin non-stop CREAM galore Packin heat, stickin up weed stores and more Collectin interest off of extortions to settle my score It gets deeper when things get real I'm down to stickin out West Bank for my mill And I'm from Hampstead, it's close to the shacks of Park South Well I'll be outside slingin, you're always high And don't come around to the crossroads of life We're to the death, you and me, this beef for eternity I'm goin out to the fullest extent So far into my troubles it's hard for me to get back to my everyday self and composure Catch you when you open then I bring you to a closure Put ice on a razor and freeze ya when ya shelter I went for ya grill but you dent from my ?rolder? I know this kid who says he knows ya because of that Now I know where ya lay ya hat at and that's that Say no more, I put it on you while you was yawning Murder without warning the very next morning Once we step thru the door, party over, that's the endin You and your crew'll leave out, a bunch of dead men Bump me and I'll bump you back You ain't tough black, niggas like you just get their life jacked But I'ma cool nigga til you push me thru the limit But try ta play me and ya ass I get up all in it Don't try to cop please now son, it's dead and done (I gave you fair warning) So run and get your guns It's on, time to show em how I perform My attitude'll transform, leave you dead plus wrong Gettin the flow within, representin for Queens Shit is real, why you hopin that it's all a dream But you can't wake up, wettin a chest you bless Chokin off your own blood, don't blame me you brought your own death [Chorus:] Aiyo Noyd, it's on you, what you wanna do? Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do? Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do? Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do? Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew [Verse 2: Big Noyd, Prodigy] My beeper kept beepin, the other numbers started leakin 'Who is this on my mind?' I was thinkin Then I realised it was my dun playin 911 Once I seen the numbers I ran for the fuckin guns My dun in trouble, I be there on the double I jumped up in the bubble, yo kid where are you? (1-14 between Manhattan and Morningside Avenue) This happened just right out the blue Aiyo dun, fuck that bitch, tell her get off your dick (But she's cryin and she says she has feelins and shit) Yo it's a settup, them niggas got me fed up Ty stay in the buildin, if they move fuckin buck em Get up off the scene, you know what I mean? and hide yourself down with them other fuckin sixteen Glock and get off they block Then I hung up the cellular, ready to rock and it's on Yo, you get deaded in the streets, kid set it You gots no credit, fool you get wetted up with the semi-auto Mac double, love it 'Did he shoot eleven or twelve?' is what he wondered Nigga I got one more shot, you must be drinkin Put the heater to his head, watch him start blinkin 'Am I goin to heaven or hell?' is what he's thinkin Switch to a bitch as his life start sinkin down to a level of no return Pull out the heat cos when the slugs hit it definitely burns Now chill and think about your life for real Every member of my crew is livin life for real Got your self fucked into somethin that you couldn't finish Up against the fulliest squad and get diminished I'm fr
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