Текст песни Krizz Kaliko - Scars (Feat. Tech N9ne)

Son Of Sam
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Rapcore / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Krizz Kaliko
Альбом: Son Of Sam
Длительность: 04:11
Рейтинг: 777
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


[Intro - Krizz Kaliko] If the world hurt you and I knew that I was God I would take it all away from you Take it all away from you Turn away from Turn away from [1st Verse - Krizz Kaliko] What do you see when you see me I see that you want to be free And I feel your pain Know what you think before you tell me about to go insane With out your music And you can't make it through the day then Crying a river for your love that's passed away No body told us that good days was promised to us No body that could tell you it's gonna be okay well [Hook - Krizz Kaliko] I, well I I hope today's the day that I can find something to say to make ya Turn away from from all your scars Turn away from from your scars Now I, now I I pray today's the day That I can find something to say to make ya Turn away from from all your scars Turn away from from your scars [2nd Verse - Krizz Kaliko] Sick and tired of being sick and tired Life ain't no easy party but we gotta do it because its required And it cuts like a knife and I gotta get the beast outta my life And it sets when your suffering standerly buffering I think I can,I think I can Think I can make it if I had you there to hold my hand And you saved me Been down but you raised me I think that you feel what I feel Kali Baby But I'm just saying [Hook] [Bridge - Krizz Kaliko] Tied in on you for ever I know you feel my pain So we crazy together [3rd Verse - Tech N9ne] I'm a daily endeavor no body fade me and clever But the wavy see slegna we bled for a plethora of People in many places healing so many faces The gape in my soul put a lot of my pain into plenty cases So they seeking my flows All of them waiting to play Cuz in that moment the pains taken away Making the day straight having Satan delay wait Never wanna hate wraith in a way I get people through I've been told They won't seek a new I've been chose I don't preach I just dive in souls Way down deep I sift highs and lows I bring peace when I spit live in shows I see grief when I ripped I them walls When I sing heat when inside them groves Rotting beasts for them N9ne explodes Wish I could take it all together for ever The pain I see in your eye, that's right To break it up and sever for the better And will till I die, die, die [Hook] [Outro - Krizz Kaliko] Yo if I said it I meant it I get all yall messages man Telling me how the music helps you get through your day, through your life, through your losses That's what its meant for that's what I'm meant for I wish there was something I could say to take away all your mental scars Kali Baby, I Love You
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