Текст песни Loft - Summer Summer

Euro Trance Euro Dance Vol.48 (Новогодний Выпуск 2014)
Жанр: House / Eurodance / Dance-Pop
Исполнитель: Loft
Альбом: Euro Trance Euro Dance Vol.48 (Новогодний Выпуск 2014)
Длительность: 04:06
Рейтинг: 40981
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Загрузил: ALIENFS


It's me dem call mi Courtney D. What you all fe know say mi a born yardle When mi come around man mi guarantee To nice up the club and nice up the party Look pon the girls how dem look sexy Go dance with a girl with a healthy body Go dance with a girl if she look lonely And even if she weight 250 Go rubb up pon the gal she a heavy duty Come dance with me with your sexy body Want you all fe know say me a jah jah pickney Say all yard crew say big already Give thanks and praise unto king Sellasie Forget about your troubles and mek we party Come dance with me with your healthy body Come dance with me yes come dance with me Summer summer summer. I wish it would be every day Summer summer summer. Is taking my cares away When I'm sitting in the sun, reading my book Or drive into the water, or take another look At summer summer summer Just never go away, never go away To all the nice girls who love to party It's Courtney D. with roots reality Say one love one aim and one destiny But pon the dancefloor mi want everybody Fe jump and shak out say in the party No badda stay at home and get so lazy Put on your best dress the one we fancy And show all the guys how you look sexy Say modee pon Paul, Dick and Larry Say wine up your body say in the party Shak out ina New York and in Germany Shak out in Japan and Kingston City Say everywhere you go man dem love to party Say ina the disco ina the country It doesn't really matter so shake yu butty Say wine up your butt a sew fi move yu belly
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