Текст песни Blutengel - Desire

Child Of Glass
Жанр: Darkwave
Исполнитель: Blutengel
Альбом: Child Of Glass
Длительность: 03:04
Рейтинг: 849
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Homjak


Candlelights are burning, you listen to my voice. I know you are virgin, you know you got no choice. This is the night we dreamt of, I want to take you through the door of your desire. I'm moving carefully to your bed, you are lying there, naked with closed eyes. I can see you're burning - We begin to sin... My hands are touching your warm skin, my tongue is sliding down your body. It goes so deep so gentle between your legs. I'm diving into your ocean and taste your... Come and make me high, do everything you want. I'll be yours - I'm your passion.
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