Текст песни 2 Alive - Tell It To My Heart

Top Hits Eurodance 11
Жанр: Eurodance / Eurohouse / Italo Dance
Исполнитель: 2 Alive
Альбом: Top Hits Eurodance 11
Длительность: 03:39
Рейтинг: 4932
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Загрузил: newmiles


Tell it to my heart tonight. Baby hold me tight Tell it to my heart tonight. Baby hold me tight Get up and moving around Would you, would you step by my side I can't go on like that So what, so what, we'll try again Sometimes my heart just stops When I see you .............. for you Boom boom boom. That goes the beat No way, I can't take the heat That's the game we're playing goes on and on I never say: You go my way My life is full of hurt and pain But this time I'll do it fine I'm standing here beside you near Please hold me tight for just one night Baby look at me, I'm for ....... Baby can't you see, believe in me I can't forget this lovely feeling I can't forget your love I can't forget what we've been dreaming I can't forget your love, your love What ever is the game to play. You listen, it's the only way. Forever we'll be together. Pump up, pump up, now or never Move it, you have to proove it Your love is strong enough Like thousands of another affairs Baby, you ................................. That's the game we're playing goes on and on...
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