Текст песни C.J. Johnson - You Better Run To The City Of Refuge

True Detective - Soundtrack / Hастоящий детектив [Саундтрек]
Жанр: Rock / Country Music / Country Rock
Исполнитель: C.J. Johnson
Альбом: True Detective - Soundtrack / Hастоящий детектив [Саундтрек]
Длительность: 03:13
Рейтинг: 8961
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Загрузил: oberkorn


Verse 1: God called Moses on the mountain top And he placed the law in Moses heart And then he stuck this commandment in Moses mind Then said Moses don't you leave my children behind (Chours) Well you better run , You better run, better run Oh you better run to the city of Ninveha you better run,run,run (repaeat 3times) Verse 2: Well people believe and they think they done right You can pick up your bible and rean it tonight You can read in Genesis you will understand That Methuselah, he was the oldest man Well he lived nine hundred and sixty nine And then died and gone to heaven in good due time (Chours)(repeat 3x) Verse 3: Well Paul's command for the Pharisees O well old Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews Ah he came to Jesus he came by night He said I want to be born into the heavenly sight Then came Christ spoke to Nicodemus as a friend Said if you want to go to heaven you must be born again Oh well old Nicodemus didn't understand How could a man be born when he was so old (Chours)(repeat 3x) Verse 4: God buried Moses in an unknown grave I know Joshiah, Ah he taken his place And the Joshiah was fighting the battle He prayed unto the Lord to stop the sun Then God stop the sun And he won the war And then Johiah was at the foot of the hill He said I'll fight your battle if you just stand still (Chours)(repeat 3x) Verse 5: Well beautiful sampson from his birth He was the strongest man that ever lived on earth Ah one day Ah Sampson was walking along Oh well sampson's strength was never found out But Delilah came and sat on his knee Said ah please tell me where your strength might be He told her my strength lies in my hair You jus shave a my head just as clean as my hand And my strength will become as a natural man (Chours)(repeat 3x) Verse:6 Well Adam was the first man that ain't all Oh well Adam was the first man that broke the law Adam was a member of the human race He disobeyed God And He rove hime from his place You read on down to bout chapter nine To where my Kng Jesus turned water to wine. (Chours)(repeat 3x)until Fade Source: <a href="">click here</a>
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