Текст песни Hush - Real T.V. (Feat. Bizarre)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Hush
Альбом: Bulletproof
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 793
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Gragory


[Bizarre:] "Boys and girls... this is a broadcast brought to you by... some real ghetto Detroit shit..." [Verse 1] I tried to come up with a speech that heat seeks In a mans last stand with a heart that beats week Who each week turns on the tube to sneak peek And see the same dude on a screen in repeats (so) Consider every word that I spit Every song on my albums a movie and this is the pilot You're forced to eat rhymes and this a mere chapter of skills And here after you'll feel the FEAR FACTOR A lone diver in flows and more liver in shows With eye of the tiger like SURVIVOR You seen it all before I just inherit the title emcee Now it's me your new AMERICAN IDOL Without all of the bull or me in a seat rhyming I'll fuck Paula Abdul and beat the shit out of Simon I'm not your BIG BROTHER I'm JOE MILLIONAIRE With your bitch throwing hundred dollar bills in the air [Chorus] Back to life (hey yo I gotta take it) Back to reality (yeah) Back to the here and now (uh) Back to life (I gotta bring it) Back to reality (so I gotta take it) Back to the here and now (uh) [Verse 2] See I gotta change the channel in rap take it back as a hole One of these rappers try to act as THE MOLE Just an AVERAGE JOE or just a JACKASS Probably a BACHELOR with QUEER EYE for straight ass I'm no APPRENTICE I landed a DREAM JOB In a scene where each mob on the streets with teams rob We don't live A SIMPLE LIFE we live by ROAD RULES TIL DEATH DO US PART and the tools are old school Fuck ELIMIDATE I should start elimi-fake emcee Who's career is just 1 big mistake cuz This is the REAL WORLD where you watch from cheap seats WEAKEST LINK's get killed over beats and defeats 2 of the best died they don't find no murder weapon No suspects no TAXI CAB CONFESSION No search star killers the faces glazed over This entire case needs an EXTREME MAKEOVER (what) [Bizarre:] "Don't touch that dial... we'll be right back after these messages... you dirty filthy ass nasty son of a bitch..." (I gotta bring it) [Chorus] [Verse 3] I'm hot I don't stop when I'm taking a stand And keep my pockets Puffy like I'm MAKING THE BAND Won't be no TRADING SPACES or even A CHANGE OF HEART I don't use SCARE TACTICS I'll tear you apart This is reality to make it though BOOTCAMP WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE with a pocket of food stamps YOU GOTTA SEE THIS for THIRTY SECONDS OF FAME AMERICA'S MOST WANTED try and step in this game They water down the show with these hooks that just rival Ozzy OSBOURNE'S speech when he needs a sub-title I'm not in it for fame or even the props If I wasn't ripping mics you could find me on COPS Being chased by hands of fans for autographs And police who say I left them a trail of bloodbath For killing instrumentals from snares & kicks now To guitars & licks arrested and thrown in THE BIG HOUSE [Chorus] Bizarre: "This has been a public service announcement... from your man Hush... and I'm Bizarre from D-12... what the fuck... we about to shoot the club up... I'm gone... Rock City... Hush... Bizarre... Rap Guys Hahahaha... 2 rap guys... I'm out..."
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