Текст песни Daft Punk - Make Love

Human After All
Жанр: Electronic / House
Исполнитель: Daft Punk
Альбом: Human After All
Длительность: 04:50
Рейтинг: 10957
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Samovar


Make Love (Wonderful To Me) Nothing but the moon and the stars looking down babe (I want you closer) Nothing but the smallest of threads on your body (I wanna feel your touch tonight) I see the rhythm hinting in circles all around me (And we're the only one's near) I see the lies surrounding the people that I been near Interlude: We make love We'll make love We make love We'll make love With nothing but the heaven above the clouds, baby (It's coming closer and closer) We look into the eyes of each other and our bodies (It's getting warmer by the second) My head's up making circles all over your skin And you are begging me to come on in Every move you make confirms my belief (I wanna feel you within)
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