Текст песни Juelz Santana - Down

From Me To U
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Juelz Santana
Альбом: From Me To U
Длительность: 03:46
Рейтинг: 486
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Загрузил: Gragory


[Juelz Santana:] Now Get Down Wit The Dip Dip Dip Now Get Down With The Set Set Set [Cam'ron:] I Don't Play Thought I Told You That We Patrol And Load Them Gats Uh, Sound Like That Nolia Clap Hold The Cap The Jewelry, Who Is He The Right Grinder I Flip Chyna White, Ma This Is White Chyna From China, Seen China, Gave The B**** Party Pills Chick Strip Now We Clicking Like Dorothy Hills F**K The Wizard Of Oz, Im The Wizard Of Harlem Izzy Acky Ya B**** Trust Me I Go Visit My Problems (When) Maybe Next Year, Maybe In A Week Or Two Maybe When The Beat Is Through, Pop Up Peek-A-Boo Huh, Huh, Yea Dogg We Been Peepin You Yea The B**** Hide Out Ride Out What She Need To Do (Why's That) Got The Inside Right From The Outside The Outside Get Inside Ya Insides Be Outside I Dont Care B**** B**** I Declare Rich (What Are You) Im Freddy Jason Mixed Wit The Blair Witch Really Candyman, Call Me Candy Cam Nose Candy, Candy Paint Color Of Candy Yams You A Handy Man, A Family Man I Keep Revolvers Cay Out The Jammy Jam This The Jam So Jam, I Land On Land Keep The Coke Fresh, Yes Surrand The Grams And The Blue Moon Might Go Hand In Hand Or Fifty Keys Or Better, Cheddar My Man My Man [Chorus:] Now Get Down Wit The Dip Dip Dip Now Get Down With The Set Set Set Look, Them Boys Are Up To Something Again (Thats Right) [Cam'ron:] You Ballin You Stuntin, Oh Wee Flash Ya Cash Girls Touch The Floor Now Clap Ya A** And Pack Ya Bags, Hit The Ocean For Me Back That A** Up, Slow Motion For Me What Up Hombre You Mad I Took Mommy From Jonge To Bombay All On My Charm Hey Ten-Thousand, Thats For One Pizzy Get Busy A Hundred Dollars Thats For One Grizzy No Whizzy Forty-Two Bullets, Thats For One Sissy Im The one Drinkin But He's The One Pissy When I Shoot Him In The Bowels Wit The Luger Ruger Shooter Shooter Do Maneuver Blow The Cooper Troopers Wit A Smile Listen, I Been A Trooper For A While You A Pooper Scooper Smoking Stupid Budda Like Tical And Im Past Fake Ma Make Ya A** Shake, I Lay Up On This S**T Just Like A Fast Break [Chorus:] Now Get Down Wit The Dip Dip Dip Now Get Down With The Set Set Set Look, Them Boys Are Up To Something Again (Thats Right) [Juelz Santana:] Up Its Me Again, Duck Its Me Again Everybody Get Scared, Aww F**K Its Me Again You N****S Dont Wanna Rump Wit Me Again See That Double Shot Pump Get Pumped And Released Again (Yup) Told You F**Ks We'd Meet Again Told You Get Ya Heater Close Told You I Was Creeping And I Keep The Toast (Bang) Damn Look At Chu Now, Slumped Over, Nobody Wants To Look At You Now (Aye)
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