Jedi Mind Tricks - The Worst

Legacy Of Blood
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Jedi Mind Tricks
Альбом: Legacy Of Blood
Длительность: 04:03
Размер: 9,52 Мб
Рейтинг: 520
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Worst

Текст песни "Jedi Mind Tricks - The Worst"

Don't be scared- Be prepared for the worst Before I let a round of shots burst You the opening act so rock first Trust me, multiple shots from Glocks hurt And I think there's been enough said 'Cause your body's gonna leak like a mothafuckin dust-head Burner love to see the blood red And you pussy-clout rappers can't sleep until a thug's dead But I don't plan to die Until it's my time Soldiers keep playa hatin from the sideline It's divine rhyme Jedi Mind time It's rap cyanide Study the guidelines Yeah on my last few twelve inches Walk around with a long knife-twelve inches That's real sharp for cutting ya skin Tie you up make you watch while I'm fuckin' ya kin [x4]“Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst” Yeah I have an iron force Robbin' you on the iron horse I'm a lion that's relyin' on the Mayan's thoughts I'm spittin' iron darts Until there's more dead Then I'm seeing triple sixes on your forehead I don't wanna die anymore I don't wanna cry anymore Lie anymore I just want y'all to be dead I just wanna get rid of all these sick thoughts in my head I stay ready on the frontline (“Anybody wants mine, that's when it's lunchtime”) And I'm a threat to the whole land Man fear God But God fear no man That's the mothafuckin program I could feel snakes just from handshakes from a cold hand Time waits for no man And that's word bond Throw 'em in a ditch Bury 'em the herb gone [x4]“Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst” [Verse Three: Vinnie Paz] This is war rap similar to Jacob's ladder Walk around like Thor with a sacred hammer Yeah you don't really want the guns out We some vampire mo'fuckas Burn when the sun's out Y'all are traveling the bum route Talkin bout whips standin on the strip with your thumbs out But that ain't me I don't care about a whip Y'all are fake money just another counterfeit While y'all are on the block thinkin bout your pipe dreams I'm Slick Rick style thinkin how my ice gleams Thinkin how I'm gonna make this money Take a visit to the Bing and embrace my dunny I guess this is just God's plan Beware of the beast undercover in the marked van If you a smart man Use your voice to sing Cause that's the only fucking way to avoid the Bing! [x4]“Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst”
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