Three 6 Mafia - Da Summa

Mystic Stylez
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Жанр: Horrorcore / Southern Rap
Исполнитель: Three 6 Mafia
Альбом: Mystic Stylez
Длительность: 04:44
Размер: 10,85 Мб
Рейтинг: 1746
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Di_Smoke
320 Кб/с

Three 6 Mafia - Da Summa

Текст песни "Three 6 Mafia - Da Summa"

[Lord Infamous] Uh-uhh, the Three 6 Mafia Loungin' in the studio Finna' give y'all a little demonstration of how we kick it here in the M-town Finna' drop it somethin' like this [DJ Paul] See in Memphis, them playaz be kind of like laid back In some clean ass rides, blunts in the sack, I'm blowin' the pack Hittin' the park about three, sometimes a little later The last day of the week and they couldn't any greater They leavin' the park and hittin' the South Park strip. RIDE The South Gatin' skatin' ring later on that night We in the lot bumpin' our underground rap tapes Paul and Juicy part 2, and for another one, they just couldn't wait We back at the crib sweatin' in a lil room W-30's sp 12's in every scenes we use Straight from the 4 track, to a simple cassette That's through a pimpsta's mode Now it's time to hit the stereos stores and collect We at the club Friday's and Saturday's special request made Me and Juice Man hit the tables, scooped the Scarecrow off the stage Bangin' so bunk, there some fools always gotta start a fight They usually made us close up early that night, in da Summa, in da Summa [Chorus 4x] Gettin' my grooves, We got to ride Ridin' through the hood with my homies gettin' smoked out, in da Summa [Koopsta Knicca] Drunk off red dog, as we ball through the mystic fog Me, Scarecrow, Crunchy, Skinny G, and roadie Paul Fly got his mind in the sky as we chiefin' blunts Black Glocks that's in the ride fiendin' for a homicide Some Tanqueray grab my yey mess with little Sid That's how we always did it since I was a troubled kid But we don't stop cuz our heart is pumpin' blood like thunder No man up in the trauma, head is broken In Da Summa [Lord Infamous] Some of the Scarecrow want the ceremony till the sun sets me ease Until the night fall breeze Rise up to the darkness, listen close to noises in the streets Grab my O Z of Indonesia, 6 philly blunt leafs Don't want me black khaki slacks and me black t-shirt And my automatic gats in case I had to dig a plot of dirt Then hit Paul up on his home Tell him to bring his slow ass on So we can hit the honey comb before the ganja's gone, da Summa [Chorus 4x] [Juicy J] Pass the E and J , Koop. Then let's take a ride and shoot To the high school, North Side where the playaz rule I'm scopin' all the freaks, with some weave and a sexy switch "Can I get ya numba" ("I gotta man") Well I'm a holla trick Ballin down valentine, one time on my mind If they pull me over I be hopin' they don't find the nine Made enough from evergreen to holla at Blac and Cam Chiefin' on the blunts in the alley slangin' boulder, yeah Couldn't forget my roadie big Kurt, Swally, and Dion Project Pat and the yam shootin' teflon Just a few homies who I grew up in the hood with me And the ones in Orange Blossom Hoover University, Yeah It's gettin' late and I'm ballin' down Eldridge street Blowin' my horn tryin' to get this girl attention in front of me Cuz everyday I'm out there tryin' to get a freak number Thats how the Juice is, in da Summa [Chorus 4x] [DJ Paul] That's how we do it So that's how it is The Three 6 Mafia in the house for the '95 Straight from the M-town The Juice, DJ Paul, Lord Infamous the Scarecrow The Koopsta Knicca, and Crunchy Black We out
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