Cypress Hill - (rap) superstar (lp version)

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Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Superstar
Длительность: 04:17
Размер: 3,91 Мб
Рейтинг: 1083
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
128 Кб/с

Cypress Hill - (rap) superstar (lp version)

Текст песни "Cypress Hill - (rap) superstar (lp version)"

Most people don't see how much work is really involved In this rap shit I didn't know it I didn't see it I never saw it until i was actually in it You really gotta be in it To understand what it's like But you always gotta People always gotta see your smile You always gotta put on that fake You know what i'm sayin No matter what u just been through (B-Real) So you wanna be a rap superstar And live large a big house 5 cars, you're in charge Comin up in the world Don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly (B-Real) I remember the days when i was a young kid growin up Lookin in the mirror dreamin about blowin up To rock crowds make money Chill wit the honies Sign autographs and whatever the people want from me Shits funny How impossible cream manifest in the games that be comin with it Never the less you gotta go for the gusto But you don't know about the blood sweat and tears And losin some of your peers And losin some of your self Music has past gone by Hopefully you don't manifest for the wrong guy Egomaniac in the brainiac Don't know how to act Shits deep 48 tracks Studio gangsta mack Sign a deal emcees wanna make a mill But never will Till he crosses over still Feelin no hate But fantasies come wit these Just to sacrifice the taste of makin cheese You wanna be a rap superstar in the biz And take shit from people who don't know what it is I wish it was all fun and games But the price of fame is high And some can't pay to play Trapped in what you rappin about Tell me what happened when you lost clout The rout you took started collapsing No fans No fame No respect No change No women And everyone shits on your name (Chorus) So you wanna be a rap superstar And live large A big house 5 cars The rent charged Comin up in the world don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly To be a rap superstar And live large A big house 5 cars The rent charged Comin up in the world don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly (Noreaga Speaking) When you sign to a record label You don't know you sign your life over And these whiteboys don't care about you 'cause the minute you fall off They'll find another Noreaga And they'll find another Capone-n-Noreaga And they'll find another B-Real So you need to just keep Stack your chips up Do what you gotta do while your hot And mafuckin get out the game Stick to the drug game And the drug game is even worse Because if someone jerks you You can shoot em and kill me But in this game if someone jerks you You gotta be humble (Eminem Speaking) No matter what you just been through Shit has gotta be right You gotta approach people You gotta be on the up and up And everything gotta be all good When you see someone slap hands with em You know what i'm sayin give em a pound Or whatever it is But you always gotta act like it ain't shit (Chorus) (B-Real) My own son don't know me Sittin up in the hotel room lonley But I thank god I'm wit my homies But sometimes I wish I was back home But only no radio or videos 'cause they show me no love The phony gotta hit the road slowly So the record gets pushed by sony I'm in the middle like monie And the press say that My own people disowned me And the best way back Is to keep your head straight Never inflate the cranium Your crew worried about them honies at the paladium Who just wanna cling on swing on And so on and go on and fall off The hoes fall off To the next rap superstar Wit no shame give him a year And the
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Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill



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