Tech N9ne - Technicians

All 6's & 7's
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: All 6's & 7's
Длительность: 03:52
Размер: 8,93 Мб
Рейтинг: 2529
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: товарищ ельцин
320 Кб/с

Tech N9ne - Technicians

Текст песни "Tech N9ne - Technicians"

1Share How it works Click the orange lyrics for explanations This song has no explanations. Help Rap Genius by adding some! Highlight white lyrics and explain them to get Rap IQ™ (help) EST is 1985 In KC on a bus ride From the 56th side Not too many knew that it was alive But they spread it so now they tied to Technicians worldwide [Verse 1] Listen! Trying to recruit is the mission We offer you a position Where Tech will rule and condition your brain To know actin' a fool is the vision Caribou Lou is tradition And the way to be true to your living is strange We come in peace But if you wanna be dumb and beef A gun is something' he wanna be young and speak I'mma numb his beak He's a woman, he the one and brung in meat for the cunning beast Hit a lung and, seep dung, and sleep long in deep tongue, full of gum and teeth It's when a Technician do the sets who diss the crew The best thing for you to do Is to let the clique see who the vet is, and miss the new seekers Wonder who the fuck is coming through these speakers Never forget it the medic for you tweakers Ahead of the medicine developed to soothe creatures You're pathetic if you're no believer Cause we all are energetic and eager Come alive when you walking side by side with me Fly the skies and get high with me On this ride you won't collide Just confide in me Try denying me Ye dying violently That's the way You fakers got to pay My people quick to spray And buck a demon till they lay But if he breathing it musta been an angel by his side like Sunday Never would be the case cause my clique ready to ride when I say: [Hook:] Technicians! Owoh! Owoh! Owoh! Others ain't got a clue They coming through Suspicious We do The Shit We do Cause if you not with the crew Converting you is our mission If you're a born Technician Put your ammunition And your hands up in the sky This is a strong addiction Live to this if ya a Technician till ya die [Verse 2:] My people all know what a Bianca is Most of 'em want to diss Don't come unless you don't want the biz It ain't nothing' but real women in my circle, not them phony chicks That don't know what I mean when I say elbow macaroni bitch They know what I'm drinking The ladies looking right They know what I'm thinking The babies even hype The oldies be geekin' The red, the black, and white The soldiers beef seekin' All of my people's here Tech and the bidness Are gonna equal fear Cuz I'm 'bout to bubble And get the evil peers Out of my life I never wanna see you YEAH! Bitch You ain't a Technician You don't know the pledge But you said that you listen Guess you misunderstood the Shit huh? Disrespect that Tech trick get done The moral of the story is we warriors Notorious for the hordes of core Ready to roar he is glorious Technician number 1 The Mission leave em sprung With the tongue And if you listen it's a gun [Hook] [Verse 3] We are family That Tech shit we on it We could be damaging To all you punks that want it We bring calamity That's thinking bad we flaunt it Unforgettable Tech's formidable Reppin' the minimal Bitch we run it You don't gotta know that I really meant it when I said that I was gonna make the mainstream go me Still rapping like I'm popping a pillow Off of the killer More like I was taking Molly in '03 We can take anybody we so deep I bet that you got us on yo' street I'm tryna find a spot that's big enough So that all of my people can meet!
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