RZA - Righteous Way (feat. Junior Reid)

Digital Bullet
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA
Альбом: Digital Bullet
Длительность: 05:22
Размер: 12,35 Мб
Рейтинг: 514
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
320 Кб/с

RZA - Righteous Way (feat. Junior Reid)

Текст песни "RZA - Righteous Way (feat. Junior Reid)"

[Junior Reid] Blessed love my lark, blessed love empress All teaching of ways, all prince and all princess Gods and goddess, kings of de earths, kings of de earths Heeeya-hahahahaha! Jah! Rastafari [RZA] R-rza-rec-rec-Bobby Yo [Junior Reid] Jah live the +Righteous Way+ Teaching the youths of today Bobby Digital do and then them say Love with me today Love with me today Baby this is what they say I'm gonna lead the youths in my stray No foul play, no foul play Want them of love all the way, and no foul play Want them of love and not the negative way RZA want no drive-by car, then we will see about how we are Am I going the digital way, send all the youth to the digital way Jah live the +Righteous Way+ Leading the youth of today Tell them to watch and pray A child shall lead the way, the way Jah live the +Righteous Way+ Teaching the youths of today Bobby Digital do agree to tell them say Love shall lead - love is the only way Love we want in America, in Jamaica, and in Africa Love all over the world, for all women boys and girls Men women boys and girls [RZA] Let it be known Let it be-let it be known Let it be known Some said Bobby oughta burn in hell because these fancy bitches Got a closet full of kung-fu flicks and nasty pictures A library to decipher anything religious He beg for mercy, we pray for Allah forgiveness Rough nights, tough nights polite cuff tight Locked the fuck up, someone's mad enought to snuff mic Couldn't fuck right or puff right This 15-year-old bastard got drunk and stuck like The kid in the GangStarr vid, +Just to Get a Rep+ Pop goes the clip, moms out on the steps See sometimes he feel like a motherless, starve for another kiss At night search the skies and searchin for the mothership Only to find it's all inside yourself Are you ready for the things of mental health? This old man had a lack of mental health Because his grandfather Clyde got to old for hisself So he had to die with a cold on his chest The Old Earth said that the soul went to rest Something that we never could understand Is what he told me, sayin; "Yo, how could the ghost be holy?" That's what he told me, when I watch TV all I see is unfriendly ghosts is bustin through like Scream Part 3 [Junior Reid] Them say Digital way All the youths, them ah say They wants them to live in the Rastaman way Now follow Babylon way, long time nah Babylon ah lead them astray They want Bobby Digital way, say the pussy and the +Righteous Way+ Want the Rastaman way, Rastaman never lead you astray Righteous way Righteous way Now lead the youths, them astray Tell them to watch and pray Just, watch and pray Jah will lead the way A brighter day Youths are the future, oh yeah
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