Ice MC - Give Me The Light

Вечеринка Авторадио. Дискотека 80-Х
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Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Ice MC
Альбом: Вечеринка Авторадио. Дискотека 80-Х
Длительность: 03:50
Размер: 3,07 Мб
Рейтинг: 12564
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: PeДеRaffD-o4ka
112 Кб/с

Ice MC - Give Me The Light

Текст песни "Ice MC - Give Me The Light"

The Dreadatour aka I to the C to the E Comes again to demolish the dancefloor style ! We're people in the night Looking for the light Everybody's here tonight Just follow the light We're people in the night Looking for the light Everybody's here tonight Just follow the light Try to get away keep on oving Give me, give me, give me a light Take a little time (x 3) For go check yeah check out the rhyme Check out the soldier on the front line Check out the people them who don't have a dime Check out the man who drops cause him blind Check out the bugger deh him can get a grind Take a litle time (x 3) For go check yeah check out the rhyme Come in a the come in a the party Concious vide everbody feeling hearty No me newer fret because no one came ever harm me Take a little time for put the vide in a my body Take the take the take not the take nine That a the way you will fall out off the line Masterboy they take a little time Make I to the C just rhyme Take a little time for love mother and father Brother sisterson and also your daughter Slaughter nastiness big up the righteous Couscious lyrics from a conscious brother Dum diddy dum diddy diddy dum dum Check out the rhyme and boune on the drum Nuffcarn de bout everybody want some Run, come in a the light sensation can done Oh Lord have mercy mercy mercy Give thanks and praise to the almighty Gimme the money, make me do so 'um fine Send the food a Africa for feek me owna kind Enough politican, better if they resign Me still depon a mission from I989 Cause I have the light cause I take a little time Cause I have the light of the light
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