Nana - Darkman (feat. Jan van der Toorn)

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Жанр: Pop Rap
Исполнитель: Nana
Альбом: Nana
Длительность: 05:59
Размер: 13,7 Мб
Рейтинг: 15664
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: ziXzi
320 Кб/с

Nana - Darkman (feat. Jan van der Toorn)

Текст песни "Nana - Darkman (feat. Jan van der Toorn)"

Refrain: Oh can you hear him comin' Is the darkman you better keep runnin' Always believe in what ever you say or do That's the point that's why I can't say I love you I got more than a thousand problems on my mind I'm commin' from the dark and light's so hard to find Can't concentrate I steady loose control The pain in my brain make me wanna explode Like the fugees day and night searchin' for the score To bring the vibes I'll be the key to your door It all started off with a glass of wine But now I need nine to feel fine before I sign Somebody help me or else I'M gonna die Don't be shy ask why before passin' me by The best things in life is what I heard are free Michael Jackson will definately tell you the story It's the darkman flowin' of the mic With the flava in your ear to be or not to be I take a look in the mirror I see somethin' wrong Last year I was strong somebody please blow the horns Daily survival tactics and I pray Dear lord forgive me and show me the way To the light and the place called paradise No matter when or how it I should I'll fight You better be ready before you come to the ringside No tears my friend only the strong survive It always comes hard and direct in my face but my man That the deal that the rule of the game that we play Everyday what can I say Real brothers don't die 'till they get their peace of the cake Go for it go get yours stay on the course Physical force like a rebel no doubt without a pause Darkman flowin' on the mic With the flava in your ear to be or not to be Mama always said son you reep what you sow But today now I know I can feel it through my body and soul Separate the good from the bad You better do your own thing than ending up sad It made me bad I didn't have the chance to ask dad Nightmares in my sleep I wake up frightened and scared Who cares a boy in young years all I wanted was to see the Light in full gear Yeah here I come here I am here I slam Rollin' with the clique with another dope party jam Look for what you want and finally succeed and believe Your dream will come true yes indeed Make a small step forward than a big step back Any other direction will probably break your neck It's the darkman Flowin' on the mic With the flava in your ear to be or not to be Darkman reamaks chorus National guard or FBI Who's that nigga creepin' through Tha wildside That's my nigga called Nana Tha dakman's comin' Tha dakman's comin
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