Eve ft. Fatboy Slim - Cowboy

Blade II - OST / Блэйд 2 - Саундтрек
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Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Fatboy Slim ft. Eve
Альбом: Blade II - OST / Блэйд 2 - Саундтрек
Длительность: 05:32
Размер: 12,71 Мб
Рейтинг: 48418
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: S_J
320 Кб/с

Fatboy Slim feat. Eve - Cowboy

Текст песни "Eve ft. Fatboy Slim - Cowboy"

[Verse 1] Uh, c'mon, uh, yo, yo... Niggas they drug her up like liquid How she dish shit Man, woman, boy and girl got addicted Damn she flipped it, when gone they missed it Been on cuz, they can't stop her climb Nigga you digs it? Want that, Well you can keep that Cuz other bitches out there wack but you can't see that E-V is top notch, I had to spot watch To make sure I made it mine Cuz you can't cock block, came up Fucked the game up Now your record sales is weak but you can't blame us Cuz none can tame us, the game'll never drain us Cuz we gon' stop your shine And it remains us It's all good, you takin everything sweet But it's the problems and the pressure that they can't see I'm tryin to make a quick flip Nigga can you dig this? Shit is real, make a mil forever be that rich bitch [CHORUS:] Where my niggas at? (WHAT) Where my thugs at? (WHAT) Where my niggas gettin stacks? You know where we at Now where my bitches at? (WHAT) Where my hoes at? (WHAT) Where my bitches chasin stacks? You know where we at [Verse 2] Uh, yo They callin me a savage Cuz I gotta have it I aint work this hard not to ball and live lavish And let some clown take my shine like I aint workin overtime I refuse to fuck up, and lose my place I got in line, huh Bitch please Erased your name with ease And it was nothin, caught you stuntin got no room to breathe Only into big things All day spit game Tryin to put my people up on paper before shit change I be up, late night Tryin to get my papes right After every show, I gotta go, I got a late flight Thought they had us figure out Cuz we pullin figures out Not that bitch, who is she and what's that nigga Swizz about? Questions start to come about Thought my time was runnin out But never cuz I'm better under pressure, guess you figured out Stop all the dumb shit I came to run shit Think I'm leaving, not at all I'm havin to much fun shee-it [CHORUS] [Verse 3] Uh, yo Y'all niggas must be buggin out The industry we dug it out We always keep it gangsta we change what y'all be talkin' bout Some get away with bullshit But they the ones who drown quick Back on the block, hustlin, scrapin money up to buy a brick Too late, cuz it's over now I done shut this whole shit down Yeah it's me again, you outta touch bitch, fix your frown C'mon! C'mon! Uh! Uh! What! What! C'mon! BOUNCE [30X] [CHORUS]
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