Dr. Alban - Hello Africa

Hello Afrika (The Album)
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Жанр: Dance / Reggae / Eurohouse
Исполнитель: Dr. Alban
Альбом: Hello Afrika (The Album)
Длительность: 05:49
Размер: 13,34 Мб
Рейтинг: 30219
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: sandra1
320 Кб/с

Dr. Alban - Hello Africa

Текст песни "Dr. Alban - Hello Africa"

Yo! My name is Dr. Alban, the MD - Microphone Doctor. This song is dedicated to the people of Afrika SweMix, gimme some drums! Hello Afrika, tell me how you're doin' Hello motherland, tell me how you're doin' (2X) Hello Nigeria! That's my motherland Coming to Sweden now causin' hysteria Takes a long time to travel the globe So why be shy? Why be humble? I just came straight of the jungle You can't compete with me 'Cause you know I got the rhythm I did it before and I'll do it again So listen watcha say, yeah hear my point of view Not everyone can do this, no, in fact only a few Sophisticated, hardcreated, that's who I am And you know I've been waiting, so start pumping, Make some noise The Mandika tribe, the Hausa tribe, the Fulani tribe, The Gooya tribe, The Zulu tribe, Mi no live in a house, mi live in a tree Electricity can give you a shock Mi no smoke no cig, mi no take no coke All mi take is a glass of juice I have been mourning, I have been grieving I have been crying, no more tears in my eyes There's a hottie hottie wind blowing south to north Following on my head, drying all my plants If there's a mercy in the clouds, Who know the right is never wrong? Move the sadist off my back And stop the fire burning in my home Afrika Here comes the news from mighty Lord Transqualation is about to come to Earth, right Rapping is digging down river north to south To let milk and honey flow side to side My name is Alban, mi is a dentist, Mi DJ here, mi DJ there Mi have a shop on Slojdgatan, Alphabet St. is da name Mi live in no house, mi live in a flat Electricity can give you a shock Mi smoke no cig, mi take no coke All mi takes is a glass of juice Mmm, jumping on the mic 'Cause me a rockin' up affection When I'm holdin' me a mic 'Cause me awesome effectious What you say to me, me a fun a me warm Spend some me a time on the tresittia dime Don't you try to follow me you ought to realize What me are what me a really want Me not fryin', no, I'm just coolin' Come on now just set if off
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