Nelly - Stepped On My J'z (feat. Ciara & Jermaine Dupri)

Brass Knuckles
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nelly
Альбом: Brass Knuckles
Длительность: 05:04
Размер: 11,63 Мб
Рейтинг: 1797
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Blackpantera
320 Кб/с

Nelly - Stepped On My J'z (feat. Ciara & Jermaine Dupri)

Текст песни "Nelly - Stepped On My J'z (feat. Ciara & Jermaine Dupri)"

[Nelly:] Let's Go We used to ditch school and head straight up to the mall Just so we can be the first ones with em on Returned to school by lunchtime, like "Nigga what now? " And today we in the club like, "Nigga, what now? " Ya better look down Cause Uh I know you see em [Jermaine Dupri:] Say what? [Nelly:] I know you see em [Jermaine Dupri:] Say what? [Nelly:] I know you see em I paid 1000 for the jeans I paid 200 for the shoes And uh Fuck a shirt, I'm a rock dez tatoos You see my fitted mayne I represent da crib Cause even at the crib I represent the crib I pop my grill in And I Might let my chain hang And I Might wrap my wrist, dang [Jermaine Dupri:] Go on derrty do the damn thang [Nelly:] I get em free [Jermaine Dupri:] Say what [Nelly:] But I pay, and if I want I rock a different Yurr of J's E'rrday A different style, different color is a must But uh It's all good until I get my first scuff and I'm like [CHORUS:] Hell Naw ain't no way What's wrong Man he just stepped on my Jay's Stepped on my Jays He just stepped on my Jay's These just came out He just stepped on my Jay's [JD:] I got em all (got em all) But they don't get no run Like dem 13... 7's... #4... and dem 1's I like how they look with Dickies How that Levi lay on em If you ain't got em when you see me You definitly gon want them If they new I gotta get them first old as a Copper box Hook em with a shirt AND DA MATCHING COLOR SOXS You think the Coldest With the Black on Black The Leather with the Red bottoms Ordered the #9 You should of seem me when I got them I was in my house Dancin in the mirror Straight thinkin bout gettin out And how I'm bout to kill em You know You got a pair that nobody got (body got) You can't hold dem back you gotta rock! My attic of Jordan fanatic lil morris blackman And I know when there come Another color errthing is happenin You know A different style A different color Is a must But Uh... It's ALL GOOD till I get my 1st scuff And I'm like [CHORUS: x2] Hell Naw ain't no way What's wrong Man he just stepped on my Jay's Stepped on my Jays He just stepped on my Jay's [first repeat:] (These just came out) [second repeat:] (Can't believe this shit) He just stepped on my Jay's [Ciara:] I-I-I see you lil' Daddy you look sexy with them j's on I pull up in the drop, step out with them thangs on I got me the black and pink and leather with the gray matching with the skinny jeans off with the shades I know you see me (I know you see me) My Jeans be never slippin Paparazzi I might stop and take a picture in em Yeah, we be fresh every day And if you're lookin for me lil daddy you can find me in the A (A, A, A) [Nelly & JD:] I Got the retro 1's, then I bought the 2's and the 3's and the 4's... I had to order these you can't find them in the stores Called up my stylist like 'shawty, Send more... ' If you would, please, Send em to me out on tour (Ah, Ah, Ah) They'll be here any minute, man... See, I got that that connect That I can damn near get like anything Pose on em, Then I'm a stroll on em... I call my hook up at the store like put a hold on em... Them Carolina # 9's Matching patten Leather wrist band, Patten Leather #11's... We call em 'Space Jams'... You in my Space, man I'll Make you jump, man I'll make you Jump, Jump, Jump Jumpman... See on my weekends... My Jay's play a part I'm rockin these to da club and these to the park I'm puttin these on now and these, here, tomorrow... A spurr-off in my car Just in case I catch a scarr... [CHORUS: x2] H
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