2Pac - Uppercut (OG)

Loyal 2 The Game OG
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: Loyal 2 The Game OG
Длительность: 03:01
Размер: 2,76 Мб
Рейтинг: 424
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Mr_Liquar
128 Кб/с

2Pac - Uppercut (OG)

Текст песни "2Pac - Uppercut (OG)"

Watch this uppercut, here it come Watch the jab nigga Ugh Here it come, look out, watch my hand [2Pac] Lets see so many motherfucker's wanna take a piece Coming equipped with some shit niggas just cant believe I pull a trick from my sleeve now kamikaze I'm all over that nigga, now come identify the body Ha ha My middle finger to you hoe niggas, run up on me And ill be forced to let it go nigga I ain't the one you wanna try, why? Staying high I hit the blunt an watch these motherfucker's die Whose running the streets? I sell that cocaine Cause in the the dope game, niggas'll die 'fore they go broke mayne (Start a riot if the guards can't stop the niggas) Another hustler making' major cash Till the punk police come raid your ass Now you stretched doing' fed time And its a bitch cause the judge gave you 8 years You doing 6, and we know that you can't hang You a trick rolled over turned snitch like a bitch (Chorus: Tupac & Sista Souljah) Now you know you should of ducked nigga Got you falling from the uppercut, fucked, so what's up nigga? Now you know you should of ducked nigga I got you falling from this uppercut, stuck, so what's up nigga? [2Pac] They got a nigga in the dice game, I'm feeling' lucky But the nigga's just a little bigger He tryna fuck me out my cash, I'm a blast nigga He don't know I gotta tell ya like the last nigga Gotta go No need to run for the trunk, I get 'em up Left or right my uppercut'll hit 'em up (Ha) I'm known to walk the streets on any block I love my niggas, but I ain't putting down my glock The gun shots rang when I lose nigga, and ooh nigga I'm a show you not to ever play a true nigga (Ha ha) Lay it down just to prove it And fuck the rapping motherfucker we can do this But you wanna be grave well dig a grave Punks better pray and hope to god that yo' ass get's saved Got you running from my uppercut A real G won't stop till these motherfucker's kill me Nigga [Souljah talking] The upper cut All you old scandalous bitches tryna sue a nigga Watch for the fucking uppercut It's coming up after the chorus Biatch (Chorus: Tupac & Sista Souljah) Now you know you should of ducked nigga And now you falling from the uppercut, fucked, so what's up nigga? Now you know you should of ducked nigga Now you falling from the uppercut, fucked, so what's up nigga? [Sista Souljah] Bitches step up and get your ass kicked I put my strap down and beat you with my wench stick And if that don't do My homie pull's a twenty-two And what now? Your motherfucking ass is through You thought your homie's had your back but they dissed you too Because bitch should of knew Bitch should of had a, real crew To you, niggas do or die for you Ha This motherfucking wench is through
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