ONYX - All We Got Iz Us

All We Got Iz Us
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: All We Got Iz Us
Длительность: 04:13
Размер: 9,78 Мб
Рейтинг: 12598
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

ONYX - All We Got Iz Us

Текст песни "ONYX - All We Got Iz Us"

Nigga you heartless you ain't heartless you dont want no part in this you ain't got it in ya I'm born to be a sinner as I move through these evil New York streets like grease and some kids get caught up all up in the crime rate couldn't hold your nine straight when you was bustin your whole clip and hittin nothing your whole block on him only two niggaz got him came down fast with the cash and the product caught you pants down with ya clothes off a nigga never knows...a nigga never knows you got your ryhmes niggas? bring em-we start that its concrete combat-where I'm at a crime covered city where theres no time for pity we comin from the village of the unprivledged blood soaked bills through murder actions transactions all illegal I smell the cheeb like a beagle evil stalks and lurks dominate and do worse in my dwelling niggaz filling shells and compelling to bust melons (we just) bring to these fellas [chorus 2X] These evil streets iz rough ain't no one we can trust either roll with the rush or get rushed cause all we got iz us these evil streets... Verse 2: Seen the world through the eyes of a nigga on the brink drugs got my brain fried making it hard to think I'm trapped in these evil streets drivin some scuffed up ragged down beat up past tims some kid pulls up with chrome dimple guided rims now I'm thinking its 3 in the a.m. I'm walking and he in a BM drop top 3-he dont even see me would you believe, he saw my gun in 3D 10 blocks later trying to work the cd spotted 15 on the BQE cause ain't no way them pigs is baggin me and up a Sonsee we official nasty For niggas that force the issue my man'll toss the pistol and of course I hit you let that loss be with you the more L's the higher streets are fire make ice hearts in men for worldly desire its the black attack born on the corner nigga grew up fast to get that looter ready to shoot 'er and he do anything to achieve it (better believe it) grew up in a band of theives who retrieves the goods stacking stacks and pushing niggas shit back like they should while we was gone some shit undeveloped now parlay, sit back and watch armys swell up yeah....punk niggaz [chorus x4] As we move through these evil streets... Verse 3: Only nigga that can kill me is the nigga in the mirror but when I cup the mic and make my fighting words clearer a nigga without a gun is like something is missing that was my employer-when I aint have a pot to piss in (so listen) keep a gun, even if its not needed better that than to have none and to be in deep shit We mold on niggaz like Bacteria grows fools they lucky if they walk away with a black eye and a broken nose nigga, we kill niggaz for Polo and Hilfigers its all for real ill niggaz and steel figures ain't nothin over here wont be soft shit be jumping off on the rag dont beat me in the head with that go head with that I think back me in my mans rover rip out sombodys grandmother pulled out, the bitch ran for cover keep niggaz guessin with our face without expressions for niggaz stressin I leave a lifetime impression it shines like aggression when the flame comes out saw the bout, what you got, when your gang runs out shits hot, you could get burned with heat we take turns to sleep you better learn the street knowledge damn, you could get shot for 5 dollars its live wires with no signs of survivors... [chorus] These evil streets iz rough ain't no one we can trust either roll with the rush or get rushed cause all we got iz us These evil streets iz rough ain't no one we can trust either roll with the rush or get rushed cause all we got iz us these evil streets...
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