MF DOOM - Gazzillion Ear

Born Like This
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: MF DOOM
Альбом: Born Like This
Длительность: 04:12
Размер: 9,61 Мб
Рейтинг: 575
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
320 Кб/с

MF DOOM - Gazzillion Ear

Текст песни "MF DOOM - Gazzillion Ear"

Villain man never ran with krills in his hand and Won't stop rockin' til he clocked in a gazillion grand Tillin' the wasteland sands Rap sold backs of treasure maps stacks to the ceilin' fan He rest when he's ashes Ask em after ten miles of his goulashes, smashes stashes Chip on his shoulder with a slip on holster.. A clip, a folder and his grip on a boulder bolster They supposed ta know. It show when his aura glow Get from out the row, when he get dough it's horrible Time is money spend way save invest to fess From ten case a cave with chicken chest S Yes ya'll the dub to get your trickles The best ballers pitch in to rub and get a nickels But tut tut, he about to change the price again It go up each time, he blow up like hydrogen Villain here, have em shrillin' in fear And won't stop, top illin' til he a gazillionaire Grillin' stare, yeah ya boy had drama Got em on a mental plane, avoided bad karma Once sold a inbred skinhead a nigga joke Plus a brand new chrome smokin' with the triggers broke I thought I told em "firing pins was separate" He find out later when he tries to go an rep it Took a Jehovah money for a Arabic Torah Charged in advance, translate it and ignored it sorta One monkey don't stop no slaughter A junkie want ta cop a quarter ton, run for the border Know the drill, it ain't worth the overkill Flow skill, still... there's no thrill Villa burn ya 10K bills in his pilla Villa, when it gets realer, split the skrilla with... Dilla, (Dilla) mix, mix, mix Do a deal for kicks and get rich quick Sketch lyric, bet 'cha by the nick on some vick Ick from the drumstick, come with the dumb shtick Sick slick, hidden in a book The only way they find it if you're spittin' in a hook Listen, don't look now, keep walkin' Traded three beans for this cow, cheap talkin' Hawk men, stalkin', hit a weed, hawkin' often Coughin to a coffin, might as well scoff the pork then He's like Warf, some say stronger though Off the top J strong bow, play along bro Wear a mask like yo off the Gong Show Flow slow as Mongo, Don Juan thong pro For ya info when he's not practicin' Jim Crow A actress and some nympho bimbo He's playin' Ray Jay the old tape DOOM, well what can I say like JJ in a gold cape Fill it to the rim like brim Villain and ya won't find him in no gym Probably a foggy bog with the frogs With a dot on the guard as he squat on log Half cocked and half baked Used to keep a full stock of work half rocked and half shake My mistake, sign a track agreement For more G's than lines and cracks in the cement In any event it's fake like wrestlin' Get em like Jake The Snake on mescaline Ahem, elixir for the dry throat Tried to hit the high note. Villain since a itsy bitsy zygote By remote, send in the meat wagon Braggin' MC's packed in with they feets draggin' These stats are staggerin' Had his PHD in indiscreet street hagglin' Villain, his agenda is clear Endin' this year with dividends to spare, here It's not meant for the seein' Went through the celin' after enterin' his center bein' A new meanin' to sales through the roof Guaranteed raw and saw his truth is truth, proof It's the return of the tramp Who do a duet jam with Earnest goes to camp For the right earn - na'mean like Vern We need some more oil for the machines to burn, learn Jiminy crickets, he gets lucky like winnin' free tickets off sick brie lyrics One mans waste is another mans soap Sons fan base, know the brotha man's dope A real weirdo, with a bug rare flow And the way his hair grow was ugly as a scarecrow He wears a mask so the charge won't grab On a rooftop with a large stone slab Heads up, talk white and thought n
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