Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman

Love Beach
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Жанр: Classic Rock / Progressive Rock / Art Rock
Исполнитель: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Альбом: Love Beach
Длительность: 20:14
Размер: 46,38 Мб
Рейтинг: 1129
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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman

Текст песни "Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman"

Prologue/The Education of A Gentleman Walking through the city after recent rain Heard ancient stones all shining murmur where are they? How long before next hero's day And the splendid show of drum and gun Walking by the river one September eve Saw questions rise in circles on that old dark stream Where now are those who dared to dream They would leave one jewel in England's hand Gone to sleep they lie in flowered graves For the visitors and Guidebook saved But come the trumpet shattered dawn Will the spirit they shared be reborn Comrades in arms, may they rise, fight and shine again, Till "who goes there", will be answered with friend again Once there stood a man, alone, sword in his hand In the face of the teeth and flame And it was all in England's name I was told how she grew, she alone shone her light on everyone And if you made the first eleven then you'd be sure to get to heaven, Like the captain of the school I was taught how to win And to lose with that "get you next time" smile, Learned Latin verbs in fear of a beating And for years thought central heating, Was for just old people's homes I was raised on the past, the Tower and Saint Paul's and Westminster Escorted well-bred girls to dances, and learned to drive a horse in harness, Through the English countryside I was taught to behave, like an officer and a gentleman, And when I finally marched from Sandhurst I learned to put my fellow man first And there was daily talk of war I spent 1938 in the United States of America, I grew to love it's many faces, and they had built some amazing places, And I thought they´d come in on our side Love at First Sight Girls, oh there were girls But they were just part of the social whirl And I never took much notice Until the night that I met you Standing out there alone Out on the terrace under the moon From the moment that I kissed you My life turned into a dream I knew I loved you at first sight And that you loved .. me Was it really happening, or was it a dream? I asked if you'd be mine Feeding the white doves by the Serpentine And when you said forever I know that I almost cried You all in white The tears and the laughing Nearly losing the damn ring Yes, I do ... Yes, I will... keep you from harm Those few short days We spent together Remembered forever All the plans - for the house and for the children I know I loved you at first sight And that you loved... me Did it really happen then, or was it a dream? I knew when I saw your face Opening orders, the time and the place Oh, don't worry it won't last long And I won't be far away I'll try to write every day... Letters From the Front Got your letters at the front today If you like the house we´ll buy it straight away Yes, it´s great now you´re a full-time nurse But do be careful with the air-raids - getting worse Must end now... the push is on... we´re moving out... All my love... see you soon I'm writing to you on a convoy moving west It's hell out here but we´re all trying to do our best I learned today that I get two weeks leave in June This time I promise you a real honeymoon Must end now... take care my love... you're all the world To me my love...see you soon The telegram... dropped from my hand She was all I had... I just don't understand I see her now... in that white dress she wore Those eyes and that smile No one else... nevermore Decorations and respect inside the club Aren't compensation when you lose the one you love But in the end, all that is left Is the regiment and what it means To be... an officer and a gentleman...
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