Juelz Santana - Okay Okay

From Me To U
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Juelz Santana
Альбом: From Me To U
Длительность: 03:22
Размер: 4,61 Мб
Рейтинг: 638
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
192 Кб/с

Juelz Santana - Okay Okay

Текст песни "Juelz Santana - Okay Okay"

[Jim Jones Intro] Uh huh... Jones, Dipset... Byrdgang, bitch You know what it is When you see me two twelvin you homie You bitch niggaz keep triple ninin, have some integrity, bitch [Jim Jones] BALLLLLIN' Peace blood, peace almighty We all thugs and we run the streets nightly And get my lawyer, why? Cause I ain't coppin' out And I fuck wit b-boys who bring them choppers out One shot of that will have the boys bring the coppers out And we ballin, for all the toys is what we hoppin out My feary side, where we ride And we all fly high in the Leer G5's So, twist ya fingers up and bang, mufucka bang! Get ya money up, this cane is what we fuckin slang! And a 9 trey is what I fuckin' claim! It's Dipset Capo the Don of the Byrdgang! [Snoop Dogg] They call the D-O-Dub... wasn't really trippin cause 21, 20 crips and all of us is crippin, cuz We from a different street, all got that different heat But when we move the macs for Game, we on the same beat So if you fuck with blood, then you fuck wit us And we ain't bustin duds, watch out, cause we bustin slugs We sure to stay in touch and clean your mess up And if you from the West Coast, my nigga... w-w-w-w-WESTSIDE! [Nas] Game got at me about the remix, its an honor my nigga I made rap, one blood, that say I'm signin wit Jigga I got rappers gettin mad at me I got these new jack rappers tryin to clap at me I got these corny wannabe, diss-song kings on the radio Talkin bout how they gon spray, and take me away But I'm the true living, legend, I'm not to be questioned Have your whole hood holler shit about my progression [T.I.] You knowin my attitude shitty, only a buck fifty So I keep the smitty's wit me, shit, how many wit me? What, you scared? I'm prepared, in the MALL AND ALL! Wit two two's, you can call me QUICK DRAW McGRAW! Bitch, I'ma cut that fool, better CALL THE LAW! I start sprayin, make fuck nigga FALL AND CRAWL! I press play like Puff, no PAUSE AT ALL! Choppin holes in ALL THE WALLS, that's ALL THEY SAW! [The Game] Hip-Hop ain't dead, it just took a couple shots I bring it back to life, give it a couple shots The kings comin, no, I'm not Jay-Z Too many niggaz hate me, but they scared to face me This ain't a movie dog, no, not Waist Deep I'm not an actor, but I'll show your bitch Big Meek She givin one blood, one love, on dubs 140 thousand the first week... UHHH! [Fat Joe] All these niggaz wanna front trill with them stiff faces Till them niggaz lyin still up in stiff cases Within styrofome... and embalmin fluid I been gone too long and I'm down to lose it Somebody go and get this nigga a pint box And I ain't just talkin about a measly nine shots Yeah I'm chopper happy and my wrist loose Call me Goldie, I'll smack your bitch too! [Lil' Wayne] 504 gangsta, New Orleans soldier Bangin underwater, fuck around and soak ya Louisiana gunner, I'm bout my holster And if you gettin greasy, I'm an ulcer I'm bickin back, bein bool on the Eastside Or New Orleans where the bloods at the bee hive Ain't nothin sweet unless its presidential Cause that is where I sleep, now give me my key! [N.O.R.E.] New York get the blood money, dirty cash - still sweet We will black wall street by the swapmeet with heat Def Jam, they gonna flop him and Reggaeton ain't hot in The building no more... It's OKAY! I GET IT POPPIN! Back to the forest trees for deep, these little me's Who took believers an opportunity to breathe And you ain't gotta go overseas to see our rap shit You can come to left, round Queens and get jacked quick [Jadakiss & Styles P] (One blood) we used to the spillin (Came from the hood) so we used to the k
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