Scarface - G's

The Diary
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Scarface
Альбом: The Diary
Длительность: 04:40
Размер: 10,87 Мб
Рейтинг: 856
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "Scarface - G's"

[Intro: Akon] Akon... and B-I-G...Yeah [Verse One - The Notorious BIG] Niggaz talkin it but aint living it. Cristyle pop I'm sippin it.Mob hats and lizard shit. Gator chunks bitch, rollin blunts with the willyist of the willie Hitch link cop, M1's and 9-Milli's, stories like a motherfucker. Model bitch is wonderin if i'ma fuck with her. She knows I treat my bitches like gavana, Dolce and Gabana drippin. Big Poppa never slippin. H-Class diamond, shining, dinner with wifey whining, dining. Smokin cigars and Bogatar with Columbian nigga's named Panama and Enrique and shit. Games we play life ending. Bitches bendin over with ease for a pair of Moschino jeans and a Donna Karan Tank-top I got your bank stock, say whos on top? Benjamins under the rest of them, advancing from duplex to mansion. Stashing keys, hiding g's over seas, vcr is in my viens. Game elevates, money I make into stocks and real estate bitch. Jet-skiing in the - caribean, white sand, discusing plans with my man, dark blue land, smoke tint, chrome rims and a system that leave my rear views trembling. Whatchu gonna do when poppa catch ya attitude, drop to your knees and show gratitude. Kiss my ring, its a frank white thing. I stay potent, bitches devoted take my dick and deep throat it. [Chorus - Akon] Eternal sunshine, in this elevated world of mine. Lookin for this hour glass of time. Tryna find my purpose on this grand design. Is there anybody out there living, 4, 5, 6's on the streets they shootin. Is there any money out ther for me? U just listen to this hustler's story. [Verse two - Big Gee] (Incomplete (Gaps, incorrect words maby?) Picture me, a product of the zone three Scareless??, dont know what iam supossed to be. Shit cause, money never came to me. When shit ....., I suffered unshamelessly The Lord humble nigga's especially if they act like they too big for they draws when they stacks right think im bullshitting a buncha niggas back like right back home hungry they stacks gone they forget price i kno a nigga sold his soul for a nickel rock I kno some hoe's for some dro u can hit the cock I kno a nigga workin 9-5 been on it 15 years aint got a car to drive I kno some niggas wanna act hard flicks bitch fake jack boys cant rob get killed Got kinfolk back yard big whips thats got to lift my home boys this year [Chorus - Akon] [Verse Three - Akon] (Incomplete (Gaps, incorrect words maby?) Akon! While BIG is sitting up with enrique Im on the coastline politicing with jose We got the birds flying in the coupe all day, trying to find a new way to smuggle in pure yay We bout our business aint no small time thiefs. If you aint growing the caine then we aint gonne meet. See, Iam the one to call when things get deep and my africans will put your main man to sleep. Now, in Mexico far from the block, trying to figure out how many glocks to a box. Now, selling arms is what has rocks in my socks if you can show me the money here's the keys to the lock Now, "Ey", you know the streets is my territory, aint scared of nothing I let you fear it for me. Ey, wether win, lose or draw. Believe the death is waiting for all. [Chorus - Akon] (Small Background variation) [Verse Four - Scarface] (Incomplete (Gaps, incorrect words maby?) Nigga's is quick to chuck rocks and hide hands. Make a break for it, get away from it. That was the plan but, s... the whole time I've been plotting on this man, caught him slipping and sleeping, hit his ass with the cannon Here's something that you cant understand how one be so cold and snatch a nigga so 'down'. Iam on some get back shit, there comes a time, in every mans mind when its deeper than dollar signs I been on the grind, got homies doing time. Behind niggas acting like bitches and bitches drop dimes... [Chorus - Ak
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