Scarface - No Tears

The Diary
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Scarface
Альбом: The Diary
Длительность: 02:26
Размер: 5,79 Мб
Рейтинг: 1012
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Scarface - No Tears

Текст песни "Scarface - No Tears"

[Scarface] Now the funeral is over And all the tears are dried up Niggas hangin deep on the cut gettin fired up Lookin for the nigga who pulled his pistol on my homie An eye for an eye so now your life is what you owe me Look deep into the eyes of your motherfucking killa I want you to witness your motherfucking murda nigga And since you wants to kill then your ass has gots to fry But ain't no police therefore your ass has gots to die We play the game for keeps and if you slipped I guess you sleep You showed no fuckin now your ass is six feet deep Cuz where I come from yo everybody's gotta gat And niggas try your ass just to see where you got your heart at And if your shit is flimsy then your ass is gonna bend And like I said before they'll be no tears in the end I'm rollin through your hood and now my heart is filled with anger You at your sister's house now your sister's life's in danger (By a total stranger) With tha gang Niggas wanna bang ya And hang ya Stain ya wit one up in the chamber Let's take a trip up Holaway So you can see how many niggas in my hood is down to die today We standin' up for our own shit And if you outside the click then you die bitch (Quick) It ain't no love in this motherfucker It ain't no love for yourself or your other brother Uh because we real with this shit so we stay true And since we bang then we do what O.G. say do I've got the mind of the man in the mirror so I'm lookin' at me vaguely But I can't seem to fade me I've got my pistol pawn cocked Ready ta lay shots nonstop until I see your monkey ass drop And let your homies know who done it Cuz when it comes to this gangsta shit you motherfuckers know who run it (Uh) So when you put this motherfucker to the test You gotta realize somethin' nigga: you fuckin' wit the very best I got this killa up inside of me I can't talk to my mother so I talk to my diary I'm goin' off on the deep end I found myself face to face with myself while I'm sleepin' I see your picture in my head and my hand shake You can run, you can hide, but there's no escape My inner feelings show no mercy on my enemy I got to get this mutherfucker fore he gets to me So in your own blood you'll bathe And I won't stop until I put this mutherfucker in his fuckin' grave And I can say this once again You can cry but you'll still die They'll be no tears in the end
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