Jay-Z - Threat

The Black Album
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Jay-Z
Альбом: The Black Album
Длительность: 04:07
Размер: 9,44 Мб
Рейтинг: 3294
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: yakk
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "Jay-Z - Threat"

[Intro] Yo once a pimp gets threats That's right, that's the - the that's, that's threats them And I'm serious about mine, I'm so sin-surr And I, nigga I'll kill ya, I'll chop ya up Put ya inside the mattress like drug money nigga [Jay-Z] Yeah, I done told you niggaz 9 or 10 times stop fuckin with me I done told you niggaz 9 albums, stop fuckin with me I done told you niggaz The 9 on me, stop fuckin with me You niggaz must got 9 lives 9th wonder [Verse One] Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue? I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along Now it's a duet, and you wet, when you check out the technique from the 2 tecs and I don't need two lips To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit This is a un-usual musical I conductin You lookin at the black Warren Buffett so all critics can duck sic I don't care if you C. Delores Tuck-it Or you Bill O'Reilly, you only rylin me up For three years, they had me peein out of a cup Now they bout to free me up, whatchu think I'm gon' be, what? Rehabilitated, man I still feel hatred I'm young black and rich so they wanna strip me naked, but You never had me like Christina Aguiler-y But catch me down the Westside, drivin like Halle Berry Or the FDR, in the seat of my car Screamin out the sunroof death to y'all You can't kill me, I live forever through these bars I put the wolves on ya, I put a price on your head The whole hood'll want ya, you startin to look like bread I send them boys at ya, I ain't talkin bout Feds Nigga them body-snatchers, nigga you heard what I said [Chorus] I make 'em wait for you 'til five in the mornin Put your smarts on the side of your garment Nigga stop fuckin with me R. -- I. -- P. [Interlude] That's right there nigga, nigga I'm wild Nigga I keep trash bags with me Never know when you gotta dump a nigga out This sin-surr, this some sin-surr SHIT right hurr! [Verse Two] Grown man I put hands on you I dig a hole in the desert, they build The Sands on you Lay out blueprint plans on you We Rat Pack niggaz, let Sam tap dance on you Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you ... I put the boy in the box like David Blaine Let the audience watch, it ain't a thang Y'all wish I was frontin, I George Bush the button Front of all you in your car lift up your hood nigga run it Then lift up your whole hood like you got oil under it Your boy got the goods y'all don't want nuttin of it Like, castor oil, I Castor Troy you Change your face or the bullets change all that for you ... y'all niggaz is targets Y'all garages for bullets, please don't make me park it in your upper level, valet a couple strays from the 38 special, nigga, God bless you [Chorus] [Interlude] Yeah I'm threatening ya, YEAH I'm threatening ya! Who you thank you dealin with? They call me Threats, nigga I been makin threats since I been in kindergarten nigga! Huh, ask about me, see if you ain't heard [Verse Three] When the gun is tucked, untucked, nigga you dies like numchuks held by the Jet L-I I'm the one, thus meanin no one must try No two, no three, no four, know why? Because one's four-five might blow yo' high You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God It's a match made in heaven when I [blaow] 'splay the 7 Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11 Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm [blaow blaow] that I'm so sin-surr? I'm especially Joe Pesci with a grin I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again That's right [Chorus] [Outro] Whattup? Motherfucker I keep three motherfuckers what? Nig
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