Текст песни My Dying Bride - Heroin Chic

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Жанр: Doom Metal
Исполнитель: My Dying Bride
Альбом: 34.788%... Complete
Длительность: 08:04
Рейтинг: 1205
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Загрузил: MihaNic


Falling flat, falling on my face Up yours you fucking basket case Come on, come on, take a shot Kick me, kicking you, kick the lot Talk to you with a frightening blade Hear me stalk through the 6th fucking grade Bar wax cloggin up your head Maybe you're dumb, maybe you wanna be dead Take a ride through a city tonight Or we can stay here smoking shite Fear grabs like a falling man Unforgiving is its choking hand Come on, come on if you've got the guts Kill me now cuz I don't give a fuck in, out, baby I don't mind. Nice cunt. Nice behind Groping around like a stupid kid Bastards fucking everywhere It's all I see, I can't help but stare Talking crap and looking like a twat See the blade. Feel the blade in your back This night. This night is hot Hope it rains. Hope it rains a lot Everywhere suckers stop and stare Fucking city's just a fucking mess Up to its neck in fucking piss Children playing with broken glass Kill themselves for a laugh Tired of being sold as meat Whores give up beating on my meat Actually, you know, I don't really mind Too many scabs. Flesh is hard to find Crime is here. Here to stay Under pressure to admit you're gay No money. No love. No luck Tough shit, stupid, worthless fuck Say you will. Say you won't. Say wou will Shit and scum. Fucking pigs everywhere Harassing me but I don't fucking care I'm not free. They're always tying me down Taking me. Taking me down town Bitches. Yeah, I fucked my share And their mothers cuz I don't care Say you will. Say you won't. Say you will Talking shit. You want it up the hilt Always feeling sick and always drunk Raining at last, thank christ you cunt Do me now with your heroin chic Say nothing more. Do not fucking speak Calmly walk from slut to slut Up everyone. You know I don't mind a fuck No protection baby, who fucking cares Take a look. Come on. Everyone stare Life for life is just the way its at I odn't remember last time I laughed Call my woman but she's never home Killed everyone to use this fucking phone Eye for an eye and all that shit Rip you off cuz I need a hit Sit-down-now-I've-had-enough
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