Текст песни Aborted - Carrion

Жанр: Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Aborted
Альбом: Strychnine.213
Длительность: 01:46
Рейтинг: 1008
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Загрузил: Lozarg


i was branching out, thats when the cannibalism started, eating of the heart and the arm muscle, it was a way of making them feel a part of me... at first, it was just curiosity, then it became compulsive, then i tried to, uhhh, keep the person alive by inducing a zombie like state, by injecting a first diluted acid solution into the brain. never did it completely work. 'could someone like you be stopped, could you be helped?' going with this compulsion it was the only thing that gave me satisfaction... the person to blame is sitting right across from you. the only person.
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