The Perceptionists - Let's Move

NBA Live 2006 - OST
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Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: The Perceptionists
Альбом: NBA Live 2006 - OST
Длительность: 02:53
Размер: 2,32 Мб
Рейтинг: 1504
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: nikitos3250
112 Кб/с

The Perceptionists - Let's Move

Текст песни "The Perceptionists - Let's Move"

Um, um, woo, DAMN! WOO! Yo, yo [Chorus 1 - Akrobatik] Let me some heads noddin, fists pumpin, feet stompin Ass shakin, necks breakin, earthquakin - LET'S MOVE! Fuck a battle, we got nothin to prove - LET'S MOVE! Fakts One supply the people with the groove - LET'S MOVE! [Mr. Lif] Hard tracks, remind me of blacks with scarred backs These are facts, drownin in the swamp like Artacks (uh huh) Boston to Fear Facts, chill, watch Miramax flicks, then I start to get sick, hail drop (uh huh) Take 39, like the "Hail Bop" Four teachers, one male cop Then the atmosphere will get real hot (uh huh) [Akrobatik] My flow is like torrential downpours, makin steel rot We pros, who's credentials drown yours, on the real blocks (uh huh) It's not coincidental, that we cause some real spots Appeal, god dammnit, never take it for granted (uh huh) Write a memo and hand it to your receptionist The game's about to change, here come The Perceptionists (uh huh) [Mr. Lif] (Akrobatik) I'm a genie, the next time you see me is ouija It's easy, I'm foldin this dimension and breeze it (uh huh) Invent horizon miles, been at Dyson M. Tyson, M. Bison, the components for (Two black orators) (uh huh) Of the year (Yeah, hear the masters of the hemisphere) Universe (Pumpin knowledge through the verse) (uh huh) Intensity (Adrenaline, hip hop's propellin through my melon and) (GENTLEMEN BEHOLD!) Live on David Letterman (uh huh) Your sold on the brother's whole song (uh) You want to hear another verse? Everybody cool, ola! (uh huh) [Chorus 2 - Akrobatik] Let me some heads noddin, fists pumpin, feet stompin Ass shakin, necks breakin, earthquakin - LET'S MOVE! Fuck a battle, we got nothin to prove - LET'S MOVE! Perceptionists provide the people with the groove - LET'S MOVE! (Let's move, let's move, let's move ...) [Mr. Lif] (Akrobatik) We want to show you what oppression is So we'll speak in jail sentences Three to five (twenty-five to life) (uh huh) Mega trife, use a mega knife to slice through the afterlife So spill (so ill), so chill (so we'll) (uh huh) Take you a rhyme adventure, mind dimentia, time to venture [Akrobatik] (Mr. Lif) Time to enter with the prime inventors of a solid center, the contential champions are stompin in your campin and We positively lampin in your SPOT (YOUR BOOTED!) (uh huh) Raise The Perceptionists flag, twenty-one guns saluted Everyone's lungs polluted Women and young included (uh huh) [Mr. Lif] Computers are ones recruited Look how the hung maneuvered [Akrobatik] Strange fruit used to swing from the Southern trees (uh huh) Now there's only leaves and those who laid the path are lovin these [Mr. Lif] Discoveries and the brother's free Others beggin please, for some empathy, enemy, there's no remedy [Akrobatik] We cookin up that hot shit [Mr. Lif] But not sharin the recipe [Chorus 2] - 2X
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